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    My first “online training” experience dates back from my days at the ICRC when I took over the traditional ICRC courses. I immediately felt a need to provide all the basics before the onsite course and beyond that make them available to all, for free, in an interactive manner. Against all odds I managed to create the first ICRC online course on“The basic rules and principles of IHL”.

    Based on the success of the project the path was opened to create the “ICRC Online Training Centre” and then the next generation of online courses, “Health care in danger: the legal framework”.

    Later on,with the support of the ICRC delegate for armed forces in Jordan and the ICRC adviser for non-state armed groups, we created an online course for armed groups in the Middle East on the essentials of the laws of war:

    ​Based on my experience I can assist your organisation in developing online strategies, full fledge online courses, mobile apps, e-books, offline versions, animated drawings while taking into account your needs, technical requirements, bandwidth, and access to the internet.

    There is always a solution adapted to your needs.

    In addition, Bushido Advisory is a partner of Cube Master, a company specialised  in 3D animation and VFX.

    We can create anything from virtual manuals on how to use new medical equipment, short video clips to illustrate key notions and principles of IHL, virtual training environments on disaster relief management, interactive videos on safety of personnel and security in the field, up to the setting of a refugee camp with evacuation and access roads, medical facilities, access to natural resources, potential military objectives in the vicinity, etc.

    Our 3D video training materials can be used as part of an e-learning course, to enhance your PowerPoint presentations, be broadcasted on Youtube, or a combination of all.

    They can also be carried on a USB stick, played on a tablet or a smartphone, thus allowing you to use them wherever and whenever needed, beyond technical constraints.

    They also transcend language barriers. No need to translate your training materials in all languages: play the video and start engaging your audience. They can replace the often too complicated written scenarios and the long explanations that follow to ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength.