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    Living or working abroad may at times be challenging. It is not always possible to maintain a good life balance, social life may be great or not always satisfying, feeling far away from your country and your loved-ones may not always be easy.

    I have been assisting expatriates to live a fulfilling life, progress in their career, prepare for new missions, maintain a great balance between their professional and personal life, sometime changing life completely, be in line with their values, and simply find their own way, their own happiness.

    Coaching is about you, your talents, your path.


    "I was at a crossroads of my professional life and I needed to make a quick, yet, a sound decision. I contacted Vincent Sautenet. I had followed his posts on LinkedIn and I was convinced that his long-standing experience within international organisations will turn very useful.

    After few sessions, I was able to peacefully take a decision, my decision. I have no regrets. I am tremendously thankful to Vincent. He has been very attentive, caring and available. He creates a friendly, yet very professional an environment, he is sharp in his questions. He quickly creates an environment of trust where everything can be said without value judgements. I ended up my coaching with more confidence, knowing what is important to me and with personalized tools for my future work challenges.

    I believe that we all should take a dedicated moment to ask ourselves what is the path that is right for us, how to reach self-actualisation and the right balance. I can only recommend Vincent for this journey."

    L.B., International Criminal Law  Lawyer.


    "I reached out for Vincent Sautenet's expertise as a life and career coach given his long-standing experience in the field of international criminal law and human rights, as well as for his knowledge of the "Geneva" world. Vincent is very professional, yet approachable. I greatly benefited from his professional and general "life/work" balance advice. With careful questions and challenging exercises, he is able to bring his client to realise, or come closer to realising, the path that is right for him/her. Vincent comes to the scheduled meetings organised and with a plan. I would definitely recommend Vincent in this role."

    N.G., Senior United Nations Staff.


    "When I started being coached by Vincent my self-esteem was at its lowest level. I was unhappy with my career, my personal and social life. He helped me set clear objectives [and] clarify my values to better asses the possibilities ahead of me. At the end of the coaching I had trust in me; my colleagues now show me more respect and trust me even more. I met new friends, joined a volunteer project dear to my heart, started new projects for myself and my partner. Thanks to Vincent I now have all the tools I need to move forward on my own."

    G.C., Human Rights Lawyer.

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